With 11 years in Business, 26 years as an Published Writer, Bestselling Author, and Award-Winning Playwright, Charron Monaye offers mastermind coaching and courses to help writers, authors and  entrepreneurs elevate make millions while making a difference through their stories, services, and expertise.

“2014, My storm happened… 2015, I was forced to start over outside of my comfort zone….. 2016, I tested my new theories and gave God the controls to lead…. 2017, I became a student because I realized I knew nothing about life, and now in 2018, I LIVING IN MY TRUTH, sharing my testimony, celebrating financial freedom and grinding to retire soon!:, she says…..

Charron Monaye doesn’t believe in fluff or filler, and she is not here to entertain your ideas. She is dedicated, committed, and  only interested in seeing you WIN, EXCEL, and HIGH FIVE Her on the BEACH on a normal WORKDAY!!! To help you reach your goals, Charron Monaye is offering Mastermind Coaching and Courses designed to facilitate the evolution of your Personal Finance Development, Writing Goals, and Entrepreneurial Dreams. 

In these different coaching opportunities & courses, Charron uses her knowledge and experience to guide clients through powerful conversations and transformative experiences while providing practical resources, real-time knowledge, and tools to further manifest your goals to reality.

Best Seller Author Coaching  (2 months) 

Throughout my tenure within the book industry, I have found that the majority of new authors who recently released a book are truly clueless with how to market, sell, and keep their book relevant in an overly saturated marketplace. This annual mastermind, will not teach the tricks and levels of winning, it will bring more ease and fun to your new found passion.

During this 2 month mastermind, Authors will be given proven knowledge and resources, instruction by subject matter experts, and the ability to build a rewarding author business.

Our Agenda will cover on many areas, including:  

  • Books Are A Business 
  • Maintaining Selling Status
  • Marketing Your Book To Strangers
  • Bundling Your Book To Create Income Streams

No refunds.

Limited Time Offer: One Time Investment of $997.00, or 2 investments of $597.00

“Hustler to C.E.O” Marketing Program  (3 months)

Your Business is set-up and promoted, but you are struggling to get clients and consistent income. Charron will serve as your marketing guru to help you brainstorm, leverage, strategize and offer you new concepts on how to create proven income streams based on the projects and products you already offer.

With this program, you will receive assistance with creating (a):

  • Strategic Marketing Plan with Profitable Results 
  • Leverage with Branding / Social Media Presence
  • Profitable Coaching Program(s)
  • Updated Personal & Bio (Editing Included)
  • Online & Bundle Creation (Connecting Book to Business)
  • 7 social media marketing post (written by Charron Monaye)
  • 6 30-Minute Coaching & Development Calls (2 call per month)
  • 2 Promo Business Videos or 1 Book Trailer 

No refunds.

Limited Time Offer $1,297.00 or 3 investments of $497


How To Monetize Your Book into 15 Different Income Streams Virtual Course!!

In 2015, Pen Legacy publishing has become one of the most respected independent publishers amongst authors and readers. We pride ourselves on being the home for first-time writers and aspiring authors, as well as seasoned writers. Pen Legacy offers a variety of literature including, Non-Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, Inspirational/Self-Help, Autobiographies, Compilations and a host of other Fiction categories.

In this course: you will learn :

  • The 6 must activities every author must do
  • 15 ways to monetize your book & how to make money while you are sleep
  • How to leverage your book within your business to generate clients
  • The power of pitching to help sell your story & generate book income.
  • Marketing your book through Merchandising.

No refunds.

Limited Time Offer $297.00 


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Client Reviews


“Charron is a savvy and strategic coach who has taught me many valuable things about the business side of being an author. She is as thoughtful and she is thorough and it shows through her explosive success.” ~ Malena Crawford, author of the bestselling novel, A Fistful of Honey


“Please accept this note as my sincere appreciation for all your time, dedication, effort, and the support that you have given me in Entrepreneur Coaching. A little over a year ago I never saw the vision that you saw with my business. I was just dabbling with my talents and allowing family and friends an opportunity to make memories while I created them. Your coaching, mentoring, and discussion groups have allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and realize my talents and business experience have worth outside of that circle. You not only provided me step by step lesson plans while leaving with me an awareness of what is needed to continue to strive in this business but a sense of determination and motivation that hard work and resilience does pay off. Although I have much work to do to make this business a continued success I can surely say the business that I have provided at this point has kept my name true to its title “Professional Touch”. ~ Monique Burrell. Owner of Professional Touch Event Planning