With 20+ years in the literary industry as a published writer, best-selling & award-winning author, media contributor and award-winning playwright, Charron Monaye brings a of knowledge, personal experience, and proven strategies that will help you gain the success she is living right now. 

Working with Charron Monaye allows individuals to not just learn from a “literary expert,” but a true writing and author mentor — one who has been honored, recognized, and celebrated by celebrities and media globally.

When Charron Monaye embarked on her journey to become an entrepreneur and author, she was broke, had no business knowledge, and was so clueless regarding marketing that she couldn’t even sell a pen. The only thing she possessed was a composition book of poetry and a desire to share her story, hoping to sell enough books to provide for her children.

She believed having a published book would wipe away her debt and solve her financial troubles, but that myth was soon debunked. Even after finally getting her first book published, she had no business or marketing plan, no clear understanding of her target audience, no selling system, and no team. She was a one-woman show, and without being financially able to hire a coach or build a team, she struggled from 2008 to 2014. She not only suffered physically from the stress, but her lack of knowledge and planning cost her tons of money, time, and freedom as a result of repeated losses and unlearned lessons.

In 2014, she decided to use her savings to invest in herself – hiring a coach, paying for mastermind classes, and studying the strategies of others who were already winning. She went from being broken and broke to building businesses, attracting clients, selling thousands of books, and being recognized in the industry as a literary game-changer. It’s okay to have a desire to tell your story and self-publish by uploading your book, but what’s not okay is failing to plan. If you don’t have a plan, process, or strategy, you will lose money, get in debt, receive no returns from your investment, and have no sales.

If you are ready to go from being broke to being a blazing bestseller, then working with Charron Monaye is the answer.

Best-Selling Author Coaching 

Throughout Charron’s tenure within the book industry, she has found that majority of new authors struggle with marketing, selling, and maintaining longevity in an overly saturated marketplace. This mastermind gives you the opportunity to partner with Charron to not only learn how to build a relevant author platform, but how to create a brand, generate a customer base, and elevate sells – which can lead you to best-selling status. 

During this 6-week author coaching,you will be given lucrative knowledge and resources, authentic feedback and the ability to implement weekly lessons immediately.

Your personalized coaching with Charron Monaye will cover:  

  • Establishing an Author Brand and Messaging;
  • Author Marketing & Creating A 12-month Marketing Plan;
  • How to Convert Your Book Into 15 Income Streams;
  • Bundling Your Book To Create Income Streams; and
  • Press, Press, Press, How To Get More Press

You will also receive a brand  kit that includes: Author Bio and Press Release. 

No Refunds

One-Time Investment: $2,497.00

“Storyteller to Influencer” Mastermind

Charron works closely with you as your “author brand partner” to help align your book for success within the marketplace.

Are you ready to leverage your book into a brand and business that will yield you Results, Rewards, and Recognition? You book is published, you have press, and a following, but for some reason your efforts have not converted into massive income.  If you are ready to create a detailed marketing plan, strategic branding plan, an advertising calendar, and proven methods to gain press exposure, then this opportunity is for you. 

In this 6-month impactful mastermind, you will be positioned as an “expert” through learning how to:

  • Effectively Create a Strategic Brand, Marketing and Advertising Plan;
  • Leverage Your Brand Through Messaging & Social Media Presence;
  • Protect Your Business with Our Exclusivel Author Legal Box w/ Legal Contracts
  • Monetize Your Books Through Unique Selling Campaigns;
  • Create A 12-month Marketing Plan;
  • Enhance Your Author Platform for Greater Exposure;
  • Website Creation/Enhancement
  • New York Times Billboard Advertising (2 Showings)
  • Media Press List (Author, Lifestyle, and Los Angeles) 
  • Generate Bundling Programs; and
  • Monthly 1 Hour Coaching & Development Calls 

You will also receive a full media kit that includes: Author Bio, Press Release, Media One-Sheet, and 10 Marketing Post.

No refunds.

One-Time Investment: $5,997.00


“Self-Publish Like A Traditional Publisher” Course 

Have you imagined being signed to a major publishing company? How would it feel to get Guaranteed Press, become a New Times Bestseller, and finally reach a Million Dollars in sells? 

But instead of waiting for that dream, you have embraced publishing your work via D.I.Y publishing? You’ve made Amazon Bestseller, Sold Books, and on Amazon.com, and have created a following on social media! Way to Go…. But what if I could teach you how to leverage your D.I.Y publishing and get the same traditional publishing results. 

In this course, Charron will share the secret formula to traditional publishing and how they manage to publish, distribute, and win big in the literary industry. In 2 sessions, you will learn:

  • The elements of self-publishing and traditional publishing;
  • The traditional publishing process and the elements that make them stand out;
  • The category trick to get you in genres that will leverage your title;
  • How to distribute your book to the global market to win; and
  • How to market & advertise your book to keep consistent selling power.
 No refunds.

Limited Time Offer $597.00

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Client Reviews


“Please accept this note as my sincere appreciation for all your time, dedication, effort, and the support that you have given me in Entrepreneur Coaching. A little over a year ago I never saw the vision that you saw with my business. I was just dabbling with my talents and allowing family and friends an opportunity to make memories while I created them. Your coaching, mentoring, and discussion groups have allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and realize my talents and business experience have worth outside of that circle. You not only provided me step by step lesson plans while leaving with me an awareness of what is needed to continue to strive in this business but a sense of determination and motivation that hard work and resilience does pay off. Although I have much work to do to make this business a continued success I can surely say the business that I have provided at this point has kept my name true to its title “Professional Touch”. ~ Monique Burrell. Owner of Professional Touch Event Planning


As a first-time author in 2019, I did not know what to expect. Pen Legacy and it’s founder Charron M. quelled all my fears and concerns by setting realistic expectations, providing sound counsel and unlimited guidance and expertise. I have found Pen Legacy staff (here and abroad) to be professional, proficient, caring and most of all dedicated to their client’s success. As a coaching client as well — Charron has had to provide me with the great and the not so great feedback about my ideas — this level of support enabled me to reflect and make better decisions as an author. Charron has provided a listening ear when I was in a pickle with one of my projects. Her availing herself in this manner spoke volumes about her concern for me as a client. I received valuable advice, effective and continuous communication and the feeling that I have not joined a company, but the Pen Legacy family. ~ Kinyatta E. Gray, Author and Owner of Flights In Stilettos


Charron is full of knowledge and patience. The level of information and coaching that we received along with the interviews and connections are priceless. I appreciate how she does not judge where you are in life, she just wants to see us all win. She’s a fresh of breath air as a coach and friend. I absolutely love the tough love. ~ Tinesha Boswell, Author  & Fitness Coach


Pen Legacy and Charron Monaye have been an absolute Godsend. My first publishing experience with my former publisher was awful. They took advantage of my “new to the author and publishing world”, and I released a book that was not sell worthy and truly not the quality they had promised. I happened to see a FB post of Charron’s, sent her a private message, and the rest as they say, “Is History”. I have completed her 4-month author mastermind which was mind-blowing and republished my book under her company Pen Legacy Publishing! My book is awesome! Plus, I am seeing consistent sales, booking press, and new clients. She is a #GEM. If you are serious about what you say you want, she is the #Coach and #publisher for you! Awesome, full of knowledge, demonstrates integrity. I will be with her for a while! ~ Nicole Deas, Author & Owner of 1 Source Financial Solutions, Inc.