Has Covid-19 Shifted Your Life from Success to Survival?

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2020 was supposed to be the New Year, New Decade, New Everything for Everyone….. Then Our New Shifted from:


  • Goals to Survival!
  • Travel to Mask & Temperature Checks
  • In-Person Conversation to Virtual Learning and Business Meetings
  • Life To Writing Wills and Praying!
  • Employment to Stimulus Checks and Entrepreneurism!


Covid-19 and 2020 have shifted our norm to a life of unknown, fear, and a drastic need of change, but how are you handing the shift?

For Some Americans, Covid is a Hoax, For Others it’s a Death Sentence, but for Many it has created the biggest unexpected shift they have ever experienced. Regardless of your stance, we can all agree that we have to now face how to turn this new norm into a life where we are back winning, successful, and achieving greatness. They say, “It takes about 21 days to form a new habit”, so in When Shift Happens…. I am offering you 21 days of how to view this shift and others within your life as a means to Accept Change, Change your Perspective & Acknowledge The Good That Is Coming, and Come to the Realization that When God wants things to move, he will disrupt the pattern to cause you to Change Course.

For those who were prepared for life’s detours did not feel the destruction of 2020, yet they evolved and grew….. What if I told you that you only need 21 days to finally turn this thing around. What was meant for Evil, can be the one thing that causes you to Win!!

Don’t Miss Your Blessing of Stepping into The NEW Life God Wants For You!! Hey, Look At It This Way, Here is the Change You’ve Been Praying For!!!


When Shift Happens is Available Now on Barnes N Noble, Amazon, BooksAMillion, etc.


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