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I Want To Quit My Job: 8 Entrepreneurial Tips For Massive Results While Employed


What if we told you that Ms. Monaye has 8 guaranteed strategies that, if done correctly, will help you build and execute a profitable business and prevent you from looking back once you resign?

In a society where entrepreneurism is promoted, everyone has become eager to quit corporate America in order to pursue their “passion” full-time. While commendable, it has resulted in the unnecessary failures of many individuals. Resigning without a plan or legitimate business has caused many individuals to return to their jobs within three to six months.

In 2010, Charron Monaye founded Pen Legacy on a $0 budget and a bi-weekly paycheck. Today, her company Pen Legacy, LLC., has evolved into a profitable literary and writing company. Award-winning author, playwright, and founder of Pen Legacy, LLC., Charron Monaye has authored 10 books, (co-authored 2), published 16 books, and written/produced 3 theatrical productions. Two of her books, Love the Real You and STOP Asking for Permission & Give Notice, became Amazon bestsellers.

Now an entrepreneurial and empowerment coach, Charron Monaye gives insight on how she’s built a successful and profitable business. The freedom of an entrepreneurial lifestyle may look appealing, but the road to quitting your job and pursing it full-time requires preparation and purpose. In I Want to Quit My Job: 8 Entrepreneurial Strategies for Massive Results While Employed, she offers 8 strategies that has helped her (and plenty of others) turn their business into a decisive, competitive advantage.

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