Pros’s and Con’s of Traditional vs. Self-Publishing

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Pros’s and Con’s of Traditional vs. Self-Publishing



The pros of traditional publishing
• Prestige, kudos and validation.
• Print distribution in bookstores is easier.
• An established professional team to work with.
• There are no upfront financial costs, and there’s usually some kind of advance against royalties.
• Literary prizes and critical acclaim are more likely through traditional publishing,
• Potential to become a brand-name author.

The pros of being an indie author
• Total creative control over content and design.
• Sense of Accomplishment
• Faster time to market.
• Higher royalties.
• Sell by any means in any global market, as you retain the rights.


The cons of traditional publishing
• Incredibly slow process.
• Loss of creative control.
• Low royalty rates.
• Lack of significant marketing help. • Save
• Once you sign a contract for your book, it essentially belongs to the publisher,

The cons of traditional publishing

• You need to do it all yourself or find suitable professionals to help.
• There’s no prestige, kudos or validation by the industry.
• You need a budget upfront if you want a professional result.
• It’s difficult to get print distribution in bookstores.
• Most literary prizes don’t accept indie books
• The important thing is that you, the creator, are empowered to choose per project how you would like to progress.


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