Book-to-Script Adaption Program

In 2019, the 91st Academy Awards ceremony taught us that adapting books to scripts is Oscar worthy. From If Beale Street Could Talk to Green Book, and even Marvel’s Black Panther, books are winning the race to stardom. So why haven’t you written, published, or produced your story?

Award-Winning Author and Playwright Charron Monaye has over ten years of experience adapting books to scripts, as well as producing stage plays. In 2011, she adapted her book My Side of the Story into the play Living Your Life.  In 2013, she adapted her son’s book I Believe in Me into the play Why Can’t We Be Friends. In 2016, she adapted Nicole Milner’s ‘Til Death Do Us Part into a play bearing the same name. In 2018, she adapted her book Stop Asking for Permission & Give Notice into the play Get Out of Your Own Way, which premiered in Hollywood, California, and is currently on tour. It’s also being adapted into a film. In 2019, she adapted the book From Federal Prison to First Lady, written by Tamika Reynolds, into a play and film. These are just a few of the projects she has transformed from beyond pages to stages! After watching the Oscars and realizing that converting books to scripts is the new winning method, Charron decided to create a program that will teach aspiring or seasoned writers the playbook on writing books and then adapting them into scripts for theater and film.

This program is for people who are ready to see their story idea or book soar. Imagine sitting in the audience and hearing your name called as the winner of an award for something you’ve been sitting on for years. If you’re ready to bet on you so you can WIN, then join Charron’s 12-month coaching program that will walk you through the steps of authorship, publishing, script writing, and producing.

Charron will teach the expanded version of the following, but not limited to:
  • How to Get Started Writing Your Book
  • What Makes a Compelling Story
  • The 1, 2, 3’s of Publishing
  • The Art of Selling, Marketing, and Advertising Your Book
  • The Craft of Script Writing for Television, Stage, or Screen
  • What’s Makes a Great Producer
  • The Ins and Outs of Theater and Film
  • Selling Your Script or Indie Producing
  • Releasing Your Story & How to Get People in The Seats
  • Promotion and Press
 You will also get:
  • One coaching course per month via Zoom to learn the material
  • Twelve 30-minute coaching & development calls (one per month)
  • One free ticket to any of Charron Monaye’s stage plays

As you see, Charron is giving away the entire playbook so you can one day hear your name called amongst your industry peers. So, if you want to be a part of this opportunity to get your book out there and break out into the film or stage industry, here’s your chance.

What are you waiting for? Charron has created three easy ways for you to invest in a never seen before program so you can stop dreaming and start doing. Interested?

Option 1

VIP Investment Plan:


(in full) + VIP Bonuses

Option 2

General Investment Plan:

Deposit $1,497.00

+ 6 Easy Investments of $597

Option 3

“Charron Work with Me” Investment Plan:

Deposit $697.00

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