Charron Monaye

Writer. Author. Speaker.

Charron Monaye, after having a life-changing Anxiety Attack at only 30 years old and having to reassess a lifestyle of toxicity and stress to overcome a toxic relationship, manage overwhelming finances, raise a child and focus on doing all she could to live, she learned some things. Not the least of that life is worth LIVING!

She will inspire your audience and equip them with the tools and information necessary to improve the quality of their lives. She is the one to invite, captivate, inspire and propel your audience to greatness.

Signature Talk: Vision to Fruition

So many people are living short-changed lives. Unable to earn the money they desire, live the lifestyles they wish they could and yearn for more, but just don’t know how to make that happen. Through her signature talk, “Vision to Fruition” Charron Monaye takes the audience through a journey of self-assessment and leads them to a place that will release the ability and greatness within themselves. So that their dreams can actually become reality!

Keynotes & Seminars:

  • From Heart Monitor 2 Hollywood
  • Your Story Will Make Room For You
  • There’s Freedom In Getting Out Of Your Own Way
  • Stop Living As If Tomorrow Is Promised


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